What is DMARC?

DMARC is the abbreviation of Domain-based Message Authentication and Reporting and Conformance. It is an email authentication protocol. DMARC uses SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) to authenticate the emails sent by the respective Domain. DMARC helps you to protect against unauthorized use of Domain, especially in email spoofing, phishing attacks.

Email Receipt Server would check for Domain for DMARC Policy in DNS Record, and if found, it would act accordingly. DMARC would make it easier for Mail Service Provider, Internet Service Provider, or Hosting Service Provider to protect user’s Domain from phishing and domain spoofing.

SPF, DKIM and DMARC – The Three Musketeers to Save You from Phishing

DMARC allows email senders to specify how to handle emails that SPF and DKIM do not authenticate. The domain owner can determine how recipient mail server treat unauthorized email. Domain Owner can specified one of the following action for recipient mail server. :

  • There won’t be any action on unauthorized email, and it would deliver to the user’s inbox.
  • Email would be delivered to the Spam or Junk email folder of the recipient email address.
  • The rule would block the email entirely.

Above will help mail service providers, internet service providers, or hosting service providers to identify spammers, scammers, or hackers. The email containing spamming, scamming, or ransomware might not deliver to the user’s inbox. DMARC would minimize false positives and help better transparency in the marketplace by providing authenticity and reporting of emails. DMARC uses the concept of Domain Ownership so that only Domain Owner can make changes in DNS Record and add respective domain record for the Domain.

There are many types of DNS records that you can create with DMARC; you can use one of the following essential DNS Record Types to make email delivery better and secure.

  • SPF (TXT Record)
  • A-Record
  • CNAME Record
  • DKIM (TXT Record)

All Popular and big names in Mail Hosting providers like Google, Microsoft, Rackspace, and others perform DMARC Check before accepting a message. DMARC Check is not currently widely used, but it would help you better email deliverability and fight against spam.

Business Losses due to Phishign and Spam

Organizations get advertising, phishing, spreading malware irrelevant unsolicited spam message. Spam, unsolicited messages, malware spreading cost around $200 Billion per year to the world.

Why should you Implement DMARC? Benefits of Having DMARC Record.

Benefits to implementing DMARC Record are as follwoing:

Brand Protection: Brand protection is one of the critical benefits of having a DMARC Record. It protects your Domain and brand from a phishing attack. In addition, DMARC protects you from unauthorized email sending from your Domain. Adding Domain would help you to create a positive brand reputation.

Mail Sending Visibility: DMARC Report would allow you to get the in-depth report about emails that are being sent by your Domain. It would help you to understand how your emails are being aligned with respect to your policy. In addition, it would give you more knowledge about who else is sending the email.

Security: DMARC would help you to create a policy that would allow only authenticated emails send using your domain. You can prevent sending of unauthorized email. DMARC would give you reporting and analytical insight of sending emails from your domain. It also provides value to the trust to email receipt and shows you how much you care about your email.

Identity: Make your email identified across a vast and growing number of DMARC-capable mail service providers, internet service providers, and hosting service providers.

DMARC adoption is increasing, and it is helping Fortune 500 to fight against phishing. With DMARC Report an Analysis tool, you will get more in-depth information. DMARC Report would come as an XML file in the email address specified as URI in DMARC Record. It would the best if you had the expertise to get those reports human readable. SimpleDMARC.com has already done this for you. You will get the report in human-readable format, and that you can export it as a PDF file and help you stay compliant.

Purchase our SimpleDMARC Solution that would help you to fight against phishing. You can learn more about DMARC at dmarc.org.

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