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Why Choose Our Services?

If you’re an MSP, ISP, or Email Marketing Company, you would know that customers are walking on a tightrope about their security and privacy. Unfortunately, many of them fall prey to hackers and scamsters because of an evident lack of awareness. Thus, it’s our responsibility as service providers to bridge that gap through easy solutions that help them stay protected.
We are having years of experience in the security industry. We’ve concluded that the internet will become a safe place only when we stop relying to “experts” and create automated solutions that protect the customers at a click of the mouse button. Our products are simple, effective, and intuitive. As a service provider, it will must your least efforts when it comes to customer support.

Benefits of having opting services of DMARC specialists like us

  • An opportunity to establish trust with your customers by giving them phishing-free emails
  • Expanding avenues of your business and establish your company as a security-aware company
  • Partnership model that gives you your fair share of profit margins and boosts your bottom-line
  • Automated solutions and delivery that need bare least efforts on your end
  • Dedicated support for our B2B customers

We go Beyond DMARC Services!

Although our primary solution is the SimpleDMARC service, our expertise is not bound by it. We offer security services and solutions that help the customers cover all bases. Some of them are automated, while our security experts drive some.
At SimpleDMARC, we offer the following services to our B2B clientele as an end-to-end partner:


  • Proactive consultation to overcome a phishing or virus attack
  • In-depth assessment of mail sources
  • Help to deal with issues related to domain providers and DNS
  • Personalized reports aimed at your DMARC project
  • Policy enforcement and analysis
With SimpleDMARC by your side, you don’t need to worry about security. Not only that, but we offer all these services at packages that you will not find with other providers. You can also learn more about DMARC at
So, What are you waiting for? Join The War Against Phishing today.