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Why DMARC is the need for the hour?

Email is a crucial part of brand recognition for any organization. Email is what they represent to the outside and inside organization. But, unfortunately, they become the easiest way for hackers to grind your brand name into dust using phishing attacks. That is where arises the need for a technology that prevents such attacks employing domain verification.
Here comes DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance).
DMARC is an email validation standard based on Following Email Protocols:
1) DKIM (DomainKeys identified mail)
2) SPF (Sender Policy Framework)
DMARC is globally recognized authentication protocols. DMARC allows you to ensure successful deliveries of sent emails. It helps you to prevent spoof emails sent using your domain. In simpler words, DMARC doesn’t allow any fraudster to use your domain and protects your brand reputation.

Improved Productivity

Reducing Phishing attack and understanding of Email Delivery would help your client’s productivity.

Enterprise Brand Shield

We understand it takes years for a business to build a reliable brand in the market. It is crucial to maintain the customer’s trust and protect your relationship. DMARC would protect you against a phishing attack. SimpleDMARC would provide you with detailed knowledge about Phishing attacks.

Exclusive DMARC Services

We provide DMARC Service that would help you to get detailed information. We have a unique partner only business model that would help you to protect your customer’s brand. We Give you detailed information about phishing attacks done using your customer’s domain. 

Awareness Training

We have to adapt and learn new things because hackers are increasing their game. Hackers using different methods to attack your users’ data. Phishing is one of the known techniques used by Hackers. We help you to secure your customer’s data and provide regular training. 

Threat Intelligence

We help your customer to ready to fight against new phishing attacks. We provide information that would help them with coming threats. SimpleDMARC would send weekly report that would give them more information about threats.

Anti-phishing Solutions

Hackers use email to impersonate your business name. By doing this, they would fetch user’s personal and financial information. That would not only harm your users but your brand reputation. SimpleDMARC monitors phishing activities and sends alerts to you.

Help you to Fight Against  Ransomware.

Ransomware becomes a global threat, and it is impacting businesses billions of dollars. Internet is a known delivery method for spreading Ransomware. Email accounts for 95% of all global ransomware attacks where the user opens an email attachment from a known sender.

Stop Spear Phishing Attack

Spear Phishing is a phishing attack that is most used to get an organization’s insider information. Attackers use the Email of the CEO or Higher Management to get information from junior staff that would help them to get critical information.

Why choose SimpleDMARC as your trusted partner?

SimpleDMARC has a unique business model. We are working with ISPs/MSPs and an E-Mail Marketing company. We help your customer to build a reputable brand while sending E-mail and give better E-mail Deliverability. We help them stay ahead of their competitors. We also help them to remain compliant with all E-mail Sending Standards.

Latest Email Security Standards

B2B Business Model

Intelligent Threat Detection

Automated Daily Reporting & Weekly Alerts

Robust SaaS Infrastructure

On the Go Deployment


Above are few things that we can do. Our unique business model helps us focus on making sure that you and your customers get better support understanding of cybersecurity. We are here to create Win-Win Situation for you and your customer. Let’s fight together against a phishing attack. Contact Us to know more about the offerings, plans, and co-marketing opportunities that we provide.

Latest Email Security Standards

Ensure the top of line email security with industry-standard email protocols and updates.

B2B Business Model

We work only with enterprises wanting to provide DMARC security to their customers. So if you are MSP, ISP or Email Marketing Company, join us today to help your customer better email protection and delivery.

Three-way Protection Against Phishers

SimpleDMARC provides top-of-the-line security. We offers peace of mind by ensuring compliance management, threat analysis, and timely reporting.

Intelligent Threat Detection

Easily identify and scrutinize the IP Address impersonating your business domain.

Automated Daily Reporting & Weekly Alerts

SimpleDMARC offers you protection with in-depth reports. We also sent you weekly alerts for phishing scams and email failures..

Robust SaaS Infrastructure

Protect your customers’ brand reputation with a scalable SaaS solution to handle a large amount of data and faster reporting.

On the Go Deployment

Easy Automated DMARC Record Generation would help you get detailed reports. You will get reports within days once the DNS Record is successfully implemented. Moreover, you also get the Marketing and Technical know-how that would help you convince your customers..
Our customized DMARC Protection services include a practical set of reporting that overall has:

  • Aggregate Reports
  • Trend Reports
  • Domain Summaries
  • Incident Summaries
  • Recent Senders
  • GEO-located Senders

Our partnership is unique because we monitor, identify, eliminate threats and improve your real-time performance.

DMARC Protection services