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DMARC Record Checker

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DMARC Record Validator

To become DMARC Compliant, you have to publish DMARC DNS Record. With SimpleDMARC’s DMARC Record Validator, you can inspect existing DMARC records of your domain or your customer’s domain name. DMARC Record Checker will help you to understand the following

  1. DMARC TXT Record that is already published is correct
  2. Is there any DMARC TXT Record?
  3. It is meeting compliance standards set by

Reason to test your DMARC Record

  • Validate your DMARC Record has been published correctly or not.
  • Proactively help you with the formatting of your TXT Record
  • Details information with extra details about additional parameters.
  • Get more knowledge about the possible different parameters
  • Check the email address; you are going to receive DMARC Reports.

The result of the DMARC Record Validator would be accurate and helpful to you and your customers.