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Partnership for DMARC

Partner With Us

The partnership for DMARC would be a Win-Win for you and your customers.

DMARC is one of the vital security solutions that would help your customers protect their domains from phishing. They will know about phishing attacks done using their Domain. In addition, DMARC would help them with national and international compliance.

SimpleDMARC is easy to use. We have detailed and informative documentation that would help you and your customers. Our Tools will help your customer to protect their brand as well as it would help them with email delivery.

What’s in Partnership Program for you?

Be the Hero for your client, save them from phishing attack and ransomware attack.

  1. We provide Partial and Full White Branded solutions that would help you sell DMARC Solution with your name.
  2. We provide API to integrate with the online automation tools.
  3. Fully white label Marketing material.
  4. Sales and Support Training for faster turnaround.
  5. We provide you tools that would help you to sell more
  6. Free DMARC solution for your Domain for life*
  7. Attractive Pricing and flexible plan
  8. Slab Based Pricing would help you to sell more and get the benefit of Pricing.
  9. Customizable Solutions

How we can help your customers in Understanding DMARC?

With our expertise in DMARC and other email related technologies. We will help you to achieve better email delivery as well as better brand visibility while they are communicating via email.

  • You will help them to prevent phishing attack
  • Know and Prevent Phishing attacks
  • Help them with better email deliver ability
  • IP Blacklisting checker
  • Detailed information about your email
  • Weekly Report in customers email
  • Detailed Report can be exportable for compliance
  • Brand Protection

Check your customer’s domain is Secure or Not using our DMARC Test Tool.