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SimpleDMARC acts as your expert guide and offers user-savvy DMARC analyzing software to help you move towards a reject policy. SimpleDMARC believes in specialization. Our team consists of DMARC deployment, project management specialists to manage DMARC projects. We also help you to mitigate your risks. For example, you can block leering emails without affecting your email channels. You can always send those marketing, transaction, and other kinds of emails without any problem. Our Ongoing management and reporting process would ensure a successful deployment. It also lets you check project progress and risk management. Also, we offer you a complete Email Governance Program with complete control and visibility over the emails sent on behalf of your domain(s). We provide our services under three heads!

SaaS Platform for DMARC

Our DMARC SaaS platform will help you receive, process, and classify the mail observed from your domain namespace and make it sensible. The layman cannot understand the data that we process. It is because the data that we receive are in native XML Format. We offer the platform that visualizes the data in powerful and meaningful ways. For example, our platform would allow you to trace the authentication gaps(SPF/DKIM). Also, it would help you to trace unauthorized or unlicensed use of your domains. We don’t provide only DMARC Reporting, but we offer mail security teams with the latest security standards. Our reporting platform provides you with the most accurate source classification engine. We also ensure the users regarding the true origin of a particular mail stream. Here are the glimpses of our DMARC SaaS platform.

Domain Overview
Our domain overview will summarize the status of all your domain. Besides, we provide you with the latest DNS changes done on your website. DNS Changes Report helps you to know changes done to your domain.
Detail Viewer
Explore your DMARC data like a timeline. The Search parameters provide four high-level tabs DMARC – Capable, Forwarding, Non-compliant, and Threat.
Domain Discovery
We are going to provide list of domains that are similar to your domains would be helpful for you to book them to prevent phishing attacks. We are provide you detail list of domains and we also help you to purchase those domains.
Source Viewer
Source viewer helps to get the list of all domains and IP address emails sent where your domain name is in From Email or Reply to Email. Thus, you can easily identify the problems with your email flow and fix them.
API for Integration
We provide an API that would help you simply integrate our data into your existing system. In addition, you can extend your offering to your customer that would help them get all required information in one place.
Simple SaaS base Solution
SimpleDMARC is a very easy and simple DMARC solution. We provide you SaaS solution that would be easy for you and your customer. You don’t need heavy hardware or expensive cloud solution while fighting against phishing.

Deployment Services

Deployment Services by SimpleDMARC are project-based initiatives to empower you. Our goal is to help you to achieve more with DMARC Solution. You are going to become self-sufficient in managing your domain catalog and email footprint. With our hand-holding to educate you in DMARC policy implementation.

Our Deployment Service would help you and help your customer get the most out of our expertises. We provide screen-sharing sessions to make you understand DMARC Terminologies.

How We Do it?

We basically offer project deployment services into three simple steps to address technical compliance and how it affects your organization.

It begins with gathering the organization’s domains. We also gather information about how you are sending emails. The next step would be an impact analysis of the results to categorize the domains to create a precise implementation plan.
Our focus is on enabling email authentication as per the plan to make each email source DMARC compliant using SPF and DKIM technologies. Once an agreement on coverage is reached, we let the monitoring mode free.
As the last step of our approach, we prepare your organization for the future-ready on the crucial fronts with Unforeseen problems. Our reports and alerts about your E-mail infrastructure obstacles will be the need of an hour for your organization.

Dedicated Support

We may consider the DMARC deployment as one-time technology up-gradation, but managing and maintaining DMARC compliance needs a consistent long-term effort to remain effective. Team Arishti System’s dedicated efforts and support help you with managing DMARC – related incidents, editorializing data reviews, and embedding DMARC in your day-to-day organizational operations.

With our tier-based options, we ensure every penny you invest meets your needs by providing a timely and complete response to the business-critical needs around email authentication and security. We provide on-demand subject matter expert & capable resources ready to extend the organization’s capabilities in the following key areas of your DMARC project

  • Basic or advanced DMARC principles
  • Email authentication (SPF/DKIM/DMARC)
  • DNS record creation and validation
  • Best Email practices and standards
  • Complete Source management
  • Troubleshooting delivery loopholes

You are not required to be proficient in any of the above skillsets if you opt for the Dedicated Support Package by Aristi System.