Why us?

Why Choose SimpleDMARC?

We know the secret of your success

In the year 2020, Mr. Gaurav Maniar founded GavBit, Inc, the parent company of SimpleDMARC. Having served for more than 15 years in the security industry, Mr. Maniar realized how important it is to keep the emails safe. Thus, it led to inception of SimpleDMARCa domain-based message authentication reporting and conformance (DMARC) tool to safeguard your emails and domains.

We serve our clients across the globe as an end-to-end DMARC solution partner. Our primary objective is to secure business emails from phishing and malware attacks, to safeguard the Brand image and to make this process as smooth as a pie!


Our mission is to establish the internet as safe and trusted space. Our passion leads us to develop email security solutions that are quite ahead of the time and we’re constantly striving to make them better.


To contribute to the world-wide secured networks of communication by aiding to the high defensive levels and eliminate risk of malware and hacking and to
become the most trusted Email Security provider in the world.

We are good at

  1. Understanding the latest developments and happenings in the cyber security industry
  2. Developing world class security solutions that help your customers stay safe
  3. Providing automated customer on-boarding, threat analysis and insightful reports

Along with protecting emails, we provide key solutions that help customers protect their security at a larger level. Together, these solutions help us prevent business losses plus secure vital business information in emails from the prying eyes.

The primary solutions we offer are

DMRC services
Enterprise brand shield
Anti-phishing solutions
Malware detection

As a cyber-security solution provider, we understand that your business is your priority. We don’t want you to invest much of your time after safeguarding yourself on the internet. After all, that’s our job!

To make this easy and time-saving for you, we offer automated solutions such as Threat Analysis and Intelligence, Pharming Scam protection, and Awareness training. These tools help you stay protected all the time and doesn’t need any technical expertise.

What’s more?

SimpleDMARC protection services cover all bases and benefit our partners in many ways. From domain summaries to trend reports and aggregate reports with incident summaries, our reporting services are aimed to meet the custom business requirements of our clientele.