DKIM Checker

DKIM Checker

Check Your DKIM Record

What is DKIM Checker?

DKIM Checker is a powerful tool that helps you analyze and verify your DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) records. DKIM is a widely-used email authentication protocol that verifies the integrity of email messages by digitally signing them with a private key. By using DKIM Checker, you can ensure that your emails are properly authenticated and not flagged as spam by email receivers.

A DKIM lookup is a query to a remote server that confirms the authenticity of the DKIM signature of an email. It verifies the signature by checking if it matches the public key stored in the domain's DNS records.

Here's how DKIM works:

  1. The email sender signs the outgoing email using a private key.
  2. The recipient performs a DKIM lookup by checking the public key in the domain's DNS records to confirm that the signature was created by the sender's private key.
  3. If the signature is confirmed, the recipient knows that the email was sent by an authorized source and has not been altered in transit.

How to Use DKIM Checker Tool?

Using DKIM Checker is simple. Just enter your domain name and DKIM selector, and our tool will analyze your DNS records to check for any errors or inconsistencies. Our tool will also verify that your DKIM signature is correctly set up and configured.

To analyze a DKIM selector from DMARC Aggregate Reports:

  1. Check the DMARC reports for a specific selector (e.g., selector1._domainkey).
  2. Look for the results of the DKIM checks for that selector.
  3. Analyze the results to determine if the DKIM signatures are passing or failing and why.

To check the DKIM record in your DNS:

  1. Look for the TXT record for the selector (e.g.,
  2. The value of the TXT record should be the public key for the selector.
  3. Check if the public key is correct and matches the private key used to sign outgoing emails.